Why People Choose The Randolph Realty Team

Dated: September 12 2014

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Homes For Sale Pooler GA. Why People Choose Randolph Realty Team

          Why people choose Randolph Realty Team when dealing with homes for sale in Pooler GA.
  1. We will save you time. You will not sit around waiting on calls from potential Buyers. We conveniently show your home so you do not have to adjust your schedule to accommodate interested parties in homes for sale Pooler GA.
  2. We will market your home at no extra cost to you. We incur all expenses for marketing your home, if it does not sell we do not get paid. This includes placing your home on our local MLS service, flyers, sign post, lockbox, video tours, internet advertising, newspaper advertising, etc.
  3. We will provide a greater access to your home. Placing a lockbox on your property and your home in the local MLS listing service puts every Realtor in town to work selling your home. It also gives them access to your house without you needing to be present allowing more Buyers to view your home. In addition, you will not need to be home for the inspector or appraiser to access your home once an offer has been made. We handle everything for you so you will not be inconvenienced at any time.
  4. We will save you money and ensure you get the highest price possible for your home. We assist you in pricing your home correctly. We are educated and have access to the proper market information to price your home accurately . There are a few items to consider when pricing your home; the sold price of comparable homes in the area, the competition, their list price and how long they have been for sale on the market, how many buyers vs. homes for sale, the market direction, and if prices are rising or falling. These are key factors necessary for attracting the right Buyers and ensuring a timely offer.
  5. We handle all negotiations and contracts. Negotiating legal contracts should be handled by qualified professionals. We will screen unqualified prospects, help arrange financing, assist you in the negotiation process, write legal contracts and ensure every detail of your sale is carried out until the end. We work very closely with a team of attorneys that will ensure the proper avenues are taken when preparing all contracts.
  6. We will assist you in providing the correct property disclosures. We will provide you with the proper seller disclosure forms for complying with state Seller disclosure requirements for GA.
  7. We will give you peace of mind. We are highly educated and trained in handling all aspects of real estate transactions and will help you through the entire process. You will never be without representation with Randolph Realty Team.
  8. Team work. We are a husband and wife team with several assistants working together to ensure your home sale is a success. Someone is available at all times to help you with any issues or concerns you may have. We are happy to help and pride ourselves on superior service.  
 Randolph Realty Team
Keller Williams Realty
Matthew Randolph
Cell 912-547-6635
Office 912-748-4600
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